Around the Warehouses in 80 Visits

As part of the Year of Warehousing, we’re thrilled to announce a truly transformative initiative: “Around the Warehouses in 80 Visits.” This ambitious quest will take us on a captivating journey across the United Kingdom, delving deep into the heart of the warehousing industry. And who better to lead this exploration than our esteemed UKWA Chief Executive, Clare Bottle.

All warehouses welcome!

This initiative is open to all UK warehouses, irrespective of size or scale. Whether you manage a small, family-owned operation or oversee a vast, state-of-the-art distribution centre, we invite you to be part of our 80th anniversary celebrations. 2024 is The Year of Warehousing and this is your opportunity to put your warehouse in the spotlight, to share your story, and to be recognised as an integral part of the warehousing community.


To celebrate 80 years of UKWA, your organisation and/or workforce is encouraged to raise a minimum of £80 for a local charity.

Clare or a member of the UKWA team will contact you to agree a mutually suitable date & time

Visits normally take about 2 hours and should include a walk around the warehouse facility

Clare will have safety footwear & a hi-vis vest, host to provide any additional PPE please

UKWA may invite others from the media or politics, so please highlight any concerns early

Your organisation and/or workforce is encouraged to raise money for a local charity (Transaid is the default) – UKWA will match-fund up to £80*

Selfies and other info about the visit will be shared on Linkedin, on the UKWA website and may feature in our bi-monthly magazine, Warehouse

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