Free Report: The supply chain of the future, July 2019

January 7, 2020

A survey of 100 senior UK supply chain professionals by Weightmans, Associate member and special advisor to UKWA, has revealed an industry braced for a rise in insolvencies, increasing fuel costs and pressure for quicker deliveries.

Key findings included:
• Almost half (49%) of those surveyed claim difficulty in monitoring for modern slavery
• 85% expect to see a rise in insolvencies over the next five years
• Rising fuel costs are considered the one of the industry’s biggest challenge
• 72% say demand for shorter deliver times will increase
• Advances in machine learning and analytics are set to benefit back office

Speaking at launch of the report, ‘‘Weightmans Evolve: The Supply Chain of the Future2, UKWA CEO
Peter Ward said, “The research looks at speed vs quality. The growth of the e-commerce market has been exponential, and the focus on ‘efficiency’ – trying to deliver next day or even within the
hour – has almost certainly contributed to the casualties on the high street. Customer service must be balanced with making money. What is the cost to serve?”