UKWA Risk Analysis Tool

UKWA’s new Risk Analysis Tool is an interactive digital self-assessment system that incorporates existing UKWA evaluation criteria and spans health & safety, operational processes, data security and more.

To deliver this sophisticated tool, which is exclusive to members, UKWA is partnering with specialist litigation and commercial law firm rradar, whose legal expertise and market-leading digital business management tools are complemented by extensive experience in the warehouse & logistics sector.

As the Risk Analysis Tool is digital, self-assessment is quick and easy to complete. Once you have registered, simply login, fill out the questionnaire and submit your responses to the UKWA system.

Please fill in the fields below to register for our Risk & Compliance Assessment. If you do not receive confirmation of your submission within 24 hours, please contact

These will be anonymised, independently analysed and returned to you as a ‘traffic light’ style report with any areas for improvement highlighted and, where appropriate, further guidance on the corrective actions needing to be addressed within the business.

Once any required actions have been implemented, you can update and resubmit your responses. When you have met UKWA requirements, you will receive your certification of accreditation.

As regulations are constantly changing, driven by the exponential growth of e-commerce and increasing reliance on technology, as well as the UK’s departure from the European Union, you will be required to repeat your self-assessment on a regular basis.

UKWA’s Risk Analysis Tool is dynamic and will automatically update in line with the introduction of new requirements and regulations for our industry.