UKWA Warehouse Manager CPC

The Warehouse Manager CPC is a brand-new independently accredited qualification, developed by the UK Warehousing Association. It is set to become an industry-wide recognised qualification, equivalent in status to the well-established Transport Manager CPC. This course is aimed at existing Managers and Supervisors with experience in warehouse facilities as well as people interested in developing their career in warehouse management.

Our course is specifically designed to make sure learners develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours to successfully manage a modern warehouse. Learners will be taught the required knowledge to pass the CPC exams, whilst gaining a practical understanding of key topics including lean warehouse processes, safety and security, resource planning, IT systems, MHE & automation, storage mediums, performance measures, environmental issues, financial awareness and more.

We are running a number of cohorts throughout the year. Find out more and view the course calendar here.

**Please note, the Warehouse Manager CPC is not a legal requirement nor mandatory to operate in the warehousing industry

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