Tomorrow’s Warehouse, 30th November 2021

November 10, 2021

Attend Tomorrow’s Warehouse at The Coventry Building Society Arena (Formerly Ricoh Arena) in  Coventry to gain practical, actionable insights that will help you make sure operations are a match for changing commercial realities.

You can get a handle on warehouse transformation at this one-day, free-to attend conference.

The Tomorrow’s Warehouse Event has been launched to tackle the concerns of End Users and Logistics Professionals as they face the future in an exciting, dynamic and fast-changing industry.

In response to the pandemic and the rise of eCommerce managers in charge of warehouse and logistics operations are facing a myriad of challenges and pressure for change.

The Event will pull experts together to share experience and best practice and give attendees takeaways that have real practical benefits. Speakers include UKWA CEO Clare Bottle, who will explore key issues such as how to react with intelligence to steeply increasing warehouse demand, as well as tackling staff shortages with better approaches to talent and inclusion.

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