R&D tax relief: 3 key steps to a secure logistics claim, Weds 24th Feb, 11am

February 16, 2021

In this webinar with ForrestBrown, the UK’s largest R&D tax credit specialist, we will examine why now is the perfect time to maximise your claim and to minimize risk, so your money isn’t delayed by an HMRC enquiry.

With Covid-19 causing a surge in demand on the UK’s warehousing sector, logistics businesses are increasingly making themselves streamlined and automated.

At UKWA, we realise that these investments are capital intensive and that margins are tight, especially at the moment. However, an effective R&D tax credit claim can help lessen these costs substantially, so now is a critical time to get your claim right.

Many UKWA members already claim this relief, but may not be using it to its full potential. That’s why UKWA and ForrestBrown have put together this quick 30-minute webinar for members who are already claiming.

Every R&D tax credit claim is different, but there are three signs of an underperforming claim:

  • Value – are you getting what you deserve?
  • Risk – are you being properly protected from risk?
  • Time – is your claim preparation taking up too much of your time?

Don’t sell your innovation short. In just 30-minutes,  learn how to make the most of your R&D tax credit claims.

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