ICC Digital Trade Conference,  6 – 8th April

November 10, 2021

The ICC Digital Trade Conference, ‘Are we ready to trade digitally?’  will take place virtually over three days from 6th – 8th April 2022 and is free to attend.

The digital trade ecosystem is undergoing a radical transformation enabling the industry to dramatically cut the cost and complexity of trade activities. Legal reforms are gathering momentum across the G7, Commonwealth, and other regional networks enabling countries to handle all trade documentation in digital form.

The 3-day ICC Digital Trade Conference builds on the third pillar of the ICC Digital Trade Roadmap –industry adoption and transformation. It brings together international industry experts from corporates, institutions, and advisories, putting a spotlight on key industry sectors, showcasing “best of breed” digital adoption and asking the key questions on this important topic.

On Day 1, UKWA CEO Clare Bottle will be moderating a discussion on ‘Transforming the Warehousing Sector’, providing a deep dive into digitalisaion across the sector, including barriers and bottlenecks to progress, as well as opportunities for the future.