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We have over 700 Full members, so whether you’re looking for warehouse space, a distribution company or 3PL provider, our smart search tool will help you to find your perfect logistics partner, anywhere in the UK. 

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We have over 200 Associate members, so whatever service or product you’re looking for – from a materials handling equipment supplier to warehouse management systems provider, our smart search tool will help you to find exactly what you need – often at a discounted rate for Full members. 

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2024-25 Pricing – valid from 1 April 2024

For further information about pricing and membership categories please contact our Membership Manager Claire, by emailing

Category Covered Space (sq ft) Net Subs pa Entrance Fee (one off)
A 3PL <50K £675 £475
B 3PL 50-100K £920 £600
C 3PL 100-200K £1175 £725
D 3PL 200-500K £1430 £800
E 3PL 500K-1m £2150 £1150
F 3PL >1m £2900 £1350
G Associate Company £1100 £750
H Associate Individual £130 £60
I Logistics User <50K £675 N/A
J Logistics User 50-100K £920 N/A
K Logistics User 100-200K £1175 N/A
L Logistics User 200-500K £1430 N/A
M Logistics User 500K-1m £2150 N/A
N Logistics User >1m £2900 N/A

There are two UKWA membership categories: Full & Associate 

  • Full Membership is for 3PL companies providing third party warehousing & logistics services, as well as for logistics service users that store their own products.   
  • Associate Membership is for providers of products and services to the warehousing and logistics industry.

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UKWA members benefit from our industry leading services every day. But there’s no need to take our word for it, see what Jane Masters, Sales Director of Miniclipper Logistics has to say, or click on the logos below to see how we’re helping businesses like yours, now.