Employee Drug & Alcohol Screening

Provided by Surescreen Diagnostics

As a UKWA member, you can combat the increasing problem of abuse of drugs and alcohol in the workplace with support from Associate Member Surescreen Diagnostics, who manufacturer a range of self-testing kits and can also provide advice on drugs and alcohol policy, training and implementation of employee screening

Recent research shows that 1 in 5 people used illicit drugs, and the UK has one of the highest rates for individuals turning up for work with a hangover.

These figures show huge risk for safety critical industries such as warehousing and logistics, where there is a duty of care to colleagues, customers and the public. An accident due to impairment in this industry could be catastrophic to the company and its reputation.

Rapid screening programmes are the most efficient way or guarding against drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace, and for detecting impairment in individuals.

So be safe and sure with SureScreen.


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