Quality Standards / Risk Analysis

Quality Standards / Risk Assessment

UKWA has partnered with leading litigation specialist and commercial law firm rradar to deliver the new Risk Analysis Tool. rradar’s role is to provide their unique combination of legal expertise, industry knowledge and bespoke digital tools, which are designed to reduce legal and business risk.

Membership of UKWA confirms that your company adheres to the highest quality standards of operation required in today’s demanding logistics environment. For your customers, UKWA badge of membership provides the reassurance that your business has been independently assessed and is suitably accredited by the industry’s leading trade body.

UKWA is now providing a digital Risk Analysis Tool, enabling members to demonstrate that they meet the necessary quality standards and regulatory compliance required by UKWA, not only on joining the Association but on a continued basis.

Incorporating UKWA’s current evaluation criteria, from operational process to health and safety practice, the new digital solution will support members further with development of company policies, employee and data security, and regulatory compliance in accordance with current guidance and legislation. It will also drive a culture of continuous improvement and create an independently verified set of standards linked to UKWA membership, triggering access to UKWA’s Conditions of Contract and potentially preferential and competitive insurance cover.

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Conditions Of Contract

Access to legally binding, recognised & relevant Conditions of Contract.

Quality Standards / Risk Analysis

Quality Standards/ Risk Analysis

Use our unique Risk Analysis Tool to ensure legal compliance and achieve accreditation by the industry’s leading trade association

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Business Opportunities

Your business profiled and promoted through UKWA’s media channels with additional leads generated through networking and industry events.

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