Where’s Clare? Spot UKWA’s CEO on her pilgrimage around 80 warehouses in 2024 and win a bottle of bubbly!

January 12, 2024

As part of the exciting 2024 The Year of Warehousing campaign, UKWA CEO Clare Bottle will be visiting 80 warehouses throughout the UK, putting the sector firmly in the spotlight and ensuring we achieve the recognition we deserve as critical to supply chains, to the UK economy and to the achievement of UK’s net zero goals.

The 80 visits will showcase the high tech, fast-moving working environments inside UK’s warehouses and highlight the many social and economic benefits of warehousing. Clare will arrive at each site in her fabulously branded 2024 Year of Warehousing Tesla, meet with the warehouse hosts, a local dignitary and take a tour of the facilities. UKWA is aiming to raise money for 80 regional charities over The Year of Warehousing and will match fund up to £80 funds raised for the host warehouse’s nominated cause.

Clare’s branded car will provide a great photo opportunity for each of the 80 warehouses visited and will undoubtedly catch the attention of motorists up and down the country as she travels across the UK on her epic programme of 80 visits.

UKWA is offering a monthly prize draw for everyone who spots Clare on her travels and tells us on social media where she’s been seen with the hashtag #wheresclare?

If you haven’t yet booked Clare to visit your warehouse, you can still do so on our website, and make sure you look out for her to win a bottle of 2024 The Year of Warehousing champagne!