Using less fuel

July 30, 2013

Bibby Distribution has reduced its total diesel consumption by two per cent, after introducing a number of new environmental initiatives during the past 18 months, including the advanced driver training of more than 400 of its drivers, as part of the company’s fuel saving plan. The company’s drivers have now been trained in Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED) techniques, and 20 aerodynamic teardrop trailers have been added to its fleet, 90 per cent of which now features automatic transmission, to optimise fuel-efficient running. This is not only a moral obligation, but reducing our CO2 emissions generally provides a cost benefit as well, said chief executive officer, Iain Speak. It can also act as a differentiator when we are tendering for business or developing an existing account. By combining technology with innovation and training we’re able to realise tangible benefits for all concerned.