UKWA survey gathers evidence on impact of Brexit

February 9, 2021

UKWA’s latest member survey aims to measure the Impact of Brexit and new procedures since 01 January 2021 on warehouse and logistics operations.

CEO Peter Ward explains, “Following concerns expressed by a number of UKWA members, we are gathering evidence for the next round of discussions at the top of government, to help resolve some of the issues relating to the end of the transition period, the EU/UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement and the new border procedures.”

Six weeks after Brexit, much of the detail within the Free Trade Agreement is beginning to emerge, with businesses including UKWA members bearing the brunt of increased regulation and costs, he says.

UKWA is also concerned by signs of some warehousing activity drifting to the continent as EU traders seek to avoid the risks of delays at EU and UK borders.

“UKWA is here to help, and we will continue to raise these critical issues with government, whilst providing advice and guidance to those wishing to operate their warehouses as customs bonds – as many of our members do – just one solution to alleviate the punitive rules of origin issues,” Peter Ward adds.

“Our latest survey is intended to gather direct evidence from members and the wider logistics community to support UKWA’s call on the government to take action.  Those in warehousing and logistics have been lauded as heroes during the coronavirus crisis; now is the time for the government to demonstrate tangible long-term support for the industry –  not just business interruption loans, but investment into our industry for the development of new technology, training and sustainability.”

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