UKWA rolls out first Benchmarking survey

January 2, 2018

UKWA has teamed up with WERC, US-based Warehousing Education & Research Council, to include UK businesses for the first time in the annual DC Measures survey for 2018.

According to UKWA CEO, benchmarking will help members operate and compete more effectively in their domestic or home market as well as in a global environment. By taking part in this established survey UKWA members will be able to benchmark their own operations against peers in the UK as well as within the global industry.

“In today’s rapidly changing logistics landscape, benchmarking has become an increasingly vital tool for measuring best practice, facilitating continuous improvement and driving competitive advantage for those companies engaging in the process,” he said.

WERC’s DC Measures is a well-respected benchmarking study; 2018 will be the 15th year the survey has taken place. Last year’s study received over 500 responses from 3rd Party Logistics Providers, Retailers and Manufacturers. It captured 30 key operational metrics grouped into 5 balanced sets – customer, operational, financial, capacity/quality and employee.

For this year’s study, Lynn Parnell of Logistics Partners has been working with UKWA and WERC to ensure that the DC Measures survey is relevant to the UK market and has created some additional UK focussed questions on behalf of UKWA.

The WERC- UKWA 2018 industry benchmarking report will be available free of charge to all full members participating in the survey.

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