UKWA on China mission with IFWLA

October 26, 2016

CEO Peter Ward has recently returned from China and Hong Kong, where he represented UKWA as part of the IFWLA (International Federation of Logistics Associations) at the world’s largest logistics event, the China International Logistics Fair in Shenzhen.

While UKWA has been part of the IFWLA for many years, new changes to the constitution flowing from the inauguration of the association in May this year will bring additional benefits and value to UKWA members, Ward says.

Agreement among the main countries involved in IFWLA decided that the organisation needed to better represent the logistics industry globally, so instead of existing as a federation of national associations, IFWLA should instead operate as global B2B networking platform across the industry, structured to enable the members themselves of the various country associations to communicate globally, generate and capture business opportunities and share best practice.

The newly reinvigorated IFWLA was launched at CILF, followed by a program of technical visits and meetings with the key trade associations in Hong Kong.

IFWLA membership will enable UKWA to connect members to the equivalent logistics industry in China, which serves the digitally enabled new consumer markets in that region. The Chinese equivalent of UKWA makes over 4000 warehousing and fulfilment locations across China accessible to members looking for new business opportunities in the region.

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