UKWA Logistics Users Group highights intensifying labour crisis

October 24, 2018

At a Round Table meeting hosted by UKWA at One George Street on 11th October, leading members of the Association’s Logistics Users Group gathered, along with invited logistics service providers, to discuss the major issues currently facing the industry from the retailers’ point of view.

Brexit apart, dominating the conversation was the looming labour crisis, which according to delegates has further intensified over the last year…

UKWA CEO Peter Ward said that the remit of the Association has expanded as preparations for Brexit has driven increased levels of engagement with the government.

“UKWA has taken a prominent role in voicing the views and concerns of the industry, notably feeding into the Cross-Government Border Delivery Group and logistics steering committee,” he commented.  “The government is listening, and our role now is to work together to communicate the challenges for our industry to policy members and provide constructive support in developing practicable solutions for managing the uncertainty ahead.”

Round Table discussion topics ranged from the likely effects of supply chain interruption and shortage of warehousing space to the sustainability of online order fulfilment cost-to-serve, but focused strongly on the rapidly escalating problem of labour.

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