UKWA hosts Automotive Logistics Think Tank – Next Generation Warehouse

December 17, 2019

UKWA CEO Peter Ward was invited to moderate a Think Tank on Next Generation Warehousing at the recent Automotive Logistics UK event on December 4th, which was attended by 3 automotive OEMs, 4 suppliers of warehouse technology/automation and 1 3pl. He reports keen interest from participants in the big issues including a shrinking labour pool and the myth that robots and automation are the cure to the crisis.

Topics ranged from barriers to adoption of automation to the industry’s resistance to outsourcing to 3pls.

“The Next Generation Warehouse Think Tank offered a fascinating insight into the views of those working in the automotive sector, preconceptions about 3pls and anxieties about outsourcing logistics. This will be a big topic for UKWA at the next National Conference, where we hope to break down some of the barriers, share best practice between industries and open up new opportunities for collaboration,” Peter said. “Thanks to the organisers of Automotive Logistics UK for providing a great forum for such a valuable exchange of knowledge and expertise.”

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