UKWA chairman calls for unified approach to address skills shortage

July 30, 2013

The UK’s domestic logistics market is among the most efficient and effective in the world and without the services it provides the country would soon come to a standstill. And yet, all too few talented people are pursuing careers in logistics and, as a result, the industry is facing a skills shortage that, if unchecked, could represent a real threat to the sector’s future development. That was the message from John Maguire, UKWA’s National Chairman in his address to UKWA members at the Association’s Annual General Meeting, held recently at the Dorchester Hotel, London. He commented: The logistics industry needs to agree a course of action which will lead to a more focused and unified approach to the fundamental issue of training and developing our workforce in a consistent and progressive way.¬† But, at present, we do not have the cohesion in the sector to achieve this. Our larger companies have difficulty putting aside their competitive caps when addressing key industry issues. There are also historical, cultural and commercial barriers between some of our larger trade associations, which prevent a unified approach on these issues. But the industry must do better than it is.