UKWA CEO Peter Ward chairs successful 3PL conference

July 1, 2016

UKWA CEO Peter Ward, who chaired Day One of the 3PL Conference this week, reports that business leaders were in bullish mood following the shock Brexit result and were rolling up sleeves ready to meet new challenges for the industry as they emerged.

As it became clear that the politicians on both sides of the divide had no real plan for a post Brexit world in the event of Leave winning the day “ and neither did many companies, he said. While it’s pretty difficult to plan when the future continues to be unclear, delegates at 3PL conference were unanimous in their view that a ‘Business as Usual’ approach was essential to calm the panic being stoked by a media frenzy around the foreseen and unforeseen consequences of the vote. Our message is one of confidence in the resilience and resourcefulness of our industry; while we remain unsure of what post Brexit will bring, business leaders are ready to meet the challenges ahead and UKWA will be playing its part in lobbying the government hard to ensure that the concerns of the industry are heard, understood and addressed.

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