UKWA calls on industry to contribute to Freeports consultation

June 2, 2020

UKWA has called on its members – and those in the wider logistics community – to contribute to the development of an imaginative and coherent response to the government’s consultation on Freeports. All members will be surveyed for their views, providing a vital opportunity to use UKWA as an effective voice for the industry on this proposal.

CEO Peter Ward explains, “The Prime Minister made Freeports a centrepiece of his recent election campaign, asserting that post-Brexit the UK’s rebirth of trading hubs will boost global trade, attract inward investment and increase prosperity in otherwise deprived communities.  With significantly increased customs checks at UK ports announced by the government likely to impact on supply chains and drive up demand for more warehousing in a market that’s already close to full capacity, the lifting of restrictions of EU legislation creates a new opportunity to bring forward radical solutions.

Accordingly, we’re urging members to take part in this survey and enable us to shape an industry response that fully reflects our members’ views and promotes their best interests.”

The survey is open to UKWA members and non-members wishing to contribute their views on this important issue for the industry.

Once survey results have been analysed UKWA’s draft response to the Freeports consultation will be shared via Webinar, following its AGM on 25 June, allowing full member engagement in the government’s consultation process, which closes on 13 July 2020.

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