Toyota shows continued support for the UK events industry

December 7, 2012

As headline sponsor of this year’s ESSA G50 Conference Toyota Material Handling UK continue to build relationships with the UK events industry for the second year.

The Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA) have been holding their annual G50 Conference for the past 5 years. It is an event that brings the event suppliers industry together to promote best practice and share experience in order to drive improvements. 

Toyota’s support of the conference included two workshop presentations on Toyota’s culture, the Toyota Way and an information area where attendees could pick up further information about Toyota products and services.

The workshops, delivered by Toyota Material Handling UK Sales and Marketing Director Tony Wallis, were developed to build on the introduction to the Toyota Production System, which was presented at last year’s conference and involved a business simulation game with 12 members of the association. 

Tony Wallis, Sales & Marketing Director for Toyota Material Handling UK, commented; “The ESSA G50 Conference is an excellent opportunity for us to show how the Toyota Production System can be used in every business. The simulation game is a fantastic way of getting people involved in the process and experience the different ways of operating first hand. Through a video feed at the G50 Conference, the audience get to be part of the experience as well.”

Chris Skeith, ESSA Director, added: 
“The G50 Conference gives our industry leaders the opportunity to gather and share best practice and knowledge, Toyota has become key to the event. Sharing their knowledge of process and culture helps our members to see new options for the way they do things and many leave inspired to try some of the solutions that have been introduced.”

The partnership between ESSA and Toyota has developed over the past year to include the recent announcement of Solutions 2, an ESSA member, as the stand partner for Toyota’s IMHX 2013 stand design and build. 

Toyota are also supplying a special offer to ESSA members, discounted short-term hire equipment can be arranged in consultation with the short-term hire team to ensure the right package is found at the right price.

For more information on the products and services available from Toyota Material Handling UK or to speak to a member of our team visit or call 0870 850 1409.