Toyota offers pallet truck chock to help customers reduce damage

July 29, 2013

Toyota Material Handling UK is offering a hand pallet truck chock for £28 including delivery (plus VAT) direct from its online pallet truck shop

The hand pallet truck chock is designed to secure an un-laden hand pallet truck of any make, and prevent it from rolling away in loading areas or moving around in vehicles. The lightweight but durable recycled plastic construction is moulded to keep the hand pallet truck rear wheel secure, whilst rubber stoppers on the bottom combined with the weight of the hand pallet truck holds the chock securely into position, helping to reduce the risk of damage and increase safety whilst in transit.

Tony Wallis, Sales and Marketing Director for Toyota Material Handling UK says Hand pallet trucks are an essential tool for many businesses and the pallet truck chock offers a simple solution to the security, organisation and transportation of your empty hand pallet trucks.

Wallis adds At Toyota we see a hand pallet truck as a long term investment. They are important business assets can be serviced and maintained to provide companies the lowest cost of ownership.  A pallet truck chock can help you to protect your investment but also reduce the risk of damage to your lorry or the important loads you have to move.

The online pallet truck website, offers companies a choice of a hand pallet trucks, entry level powered pallet trucks and pallet trucks accessories that can be ordered directly from the site and delivered to your door, all with a choice of payment methods, including the convenience of Paypal.

For more information about the hand pallet trucks and accessories from Toyota, including the pallet truck chock visit Alternatively call 0870 850 1409 to contact your local representative.