Toyota launch team to drive forward automation in materials handling

January 31, 2014

Toyota Material Handling UK has launched a new Logistics Solutions team who will be responsible for providing support to companies who can benefit from its growing range of automated products.

The Logistics Solutions team, headed up by Frank Hasleden will be responsible for managing automation products and projects.  This includes established solutions like the BT Radioshuttle high density storage plus new developments in semi-automatic VNA trucks and BT Autopilot automated guides vehicles (AGV’s).

Frank Hasleden, Logistics Solutions Manager says The team combines members with a long experience in materials handling, racking solutions and engineering.  This skill and experience gives us the strength to be able to help companies understand the benefits automation can bring to their business and provide them with support from initial concept through to full installation.

The team will be focusing on providing support for three different automated products: The BT Radioshuttle high density storage system that combines specialised racking and fifth generation shuttles, the latest VNA trucks with Zoning and Positioning (ZAP) technology which uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to accurately position trucks in an aisle, plus the BT Autopilot automated guided vehicle system that can help to increase efficiency in replenishment and picking.

Hasleden adds AGVs have been around for many years, and the perception of them is that they are highly bespoke specialist machines that are complex and difficult to support because they use specialised support remote from the customer. Our philosophy at Toyota is totally the opposite.  Our BT Autopilot system is a standard truck that drives itself “ it just takes the operator away. Most of our Autopilot solutions look like and drive like conventional fork lift trucks and can also be driven manually like a fork lift truck.

The new team will drive forward automation in materials handling and work with more companies to improve productivity and efficiency using the latest technology.

To find out more about the latest automation developments from Toyota or call 0870 850 1409.