The New Toyota Traigo80 charging forward with innovation

February 26, 2013

Toyota Material Handling UK gives a sneak preview of the brand new Toyota Traigo 80-volt electric-powered forklift at the IMHX from the 18th “ 22nd March 2013 at the NEC, Birmingham.

Hitting the market later this year, the Toyota Traigo80 boasts a series of innovative features to help customers work productively and safely.

The Toyota Traigo80 completes the innovative family of Traigo electric counterbalance forklifts that includes models from the 24 volt, 48 volt and HT ranges. The entire Traigo family of trucks are all designed and built around the core values of productivity, safety, durability and driver comfort, to provide customers with trucks that add value to their business.

The new Toyota Traigo80 is a robust, compact and versatile forklift with capacities from 2.0 “ 3.5 tonne, including compact models. This range provides solutions for any application and use, whether occasional or high intensity. Equipped with the powerful and lean Toyota AC electric drive-and-lift technology and Toyota’s unique System of Active Stability (SAS) this truck is designed to be a reliable business asset and help customers’ drive down material handling costs. Working indoors and outdoors, a wide range of cabins are available for improving comfort in all-weather operations.

In line with Toyota’s well-known principle of continuous improvement (Kaizen), the Toyota Traigo 80 takes leaps forward in many key areas: it provides improved productivity for users, maximum speed “ paired with better energy efficiency “ and superb all-around visibility.  In addition, drivers can take advantage of clearer through-mast visibility in operations with a choice of masts to suit different application needs.

Tony Wallis, Sales and Marketing Director for Toyota Material Handling UK comments “Listening to our customers, we understand their needs for improved efficiency and aim for a more sustainable way of working. Our new Traigo 80 electric range with higher productivity and lower energy consumption and CO‚‚ will support customers’ operational objectives in a more sustainable way.”

“In addition to this, many improved features to support safety in applications make our Toyota Traigo 80 a range that raises the bar in the material handling business. We invite you to come a take a look at the new Toyota Traigo80 at IMHX next month.”

To find out more about Toyota at IMHX visit or call 0870 850 1409.