Still Materials Handling

January 29, 2013

STILL presents two brand new RX70 models with load capacities of 4 to 8 tonnes which will redefine turnover performance.

With the RX70-60/80 and the RX70-40/50 the company presents the successor models for the popular R70 series. The philosophy of these new trucks with load capacities of 4 to 8 tonnes is to combine power, precision, ergonomics and safety with a compact design for perfect turnover performance.

These new STILL power packs with their unique combination of powerful industrial engines and proven diesel-electric drive technology allow high work speeds at low fuel consumption levels. The exact and sensitive control of the drive and the hydraulic system, in combination with five adjustable drive programmes makes efficient use of the available power. In each of the drive programmes the top speed, the acceleration and the deceleration grades can be individually set. This ‘glues’ the truck to the foot of the driver. The driver can handle the truck alone with the accelerator pedal, the service brake is almost not needed. When the driver takes the foot off the accelerator pedal the truck brakes electrically without any wear. The automatic stop also prevents the truck from rolling off accidentally on bumpy surfaces or when it stops on slopes. As with all of the electric and IC trucks from the STILL family, the driving characteristics of the ‘big boys’ are smooth, sensitive and precise. This allows drivers to work accurately and efficiently.

The new lift trucks are convincing through their ergonomic and functional design. There has never been so much power in so little space, especially with respect to the 6 to 8 t models. The narrowness of the truck of only 1.6 m (RX70-60) allows movement of heavy goods in narrow aisles of less than 5 meters width. This makes the truck one of the most agile in its class. With this truck the available warehouse space can be utilised effectively. The trucks are not only good with respect to their external appearance, they also have a lot to offer inside too. For example, the cabin of the RX70-60/80 is set off to the left. This frees the view through the mast as well as around it. Low cylinders, large fields of vision in the overhead guard and the outer contour of the chassis provide excellent visibility in every direction.

In difficult applications, such as in the paper, beverage or wood industry or simply when loading and unloading lorries this good visibility is a prerequisite for swift and safe work. The good visibility increases occupational safety and availability by reducing the risk of injuries and damages.

However, all this functionality does not leave the driver aside. The work place concept for STILL forklift trucks leaves much room for individuality. A wide range of cabin options and cabin equipment, such as the optimum design and layout of the controls and the spacious, low vibration and noise absorbing cabin ensure comfortable and fatigue free work at all times. That is not everything – with acceleration values of only 0.31 m/s2 (RX70-60/80) and 0.47 m/s2 (RX70-40/50) respectively, the new RX70 models prove successful for reducing body vibrations and by this avoid possible occupational illnesses.

Ecologic responsibility is another aspect of optimum turnover performance. The new RX70 models allow the environment space to breathe. The new trucks do not only fulfil the exhaust gas limit values in accordance to 97/68/EG level 3b – they are far below these values. In the RX70-60/80 an oxidation catalyst combined with a soot particle filter reduces the emission of nitric oxides by about 50 percent compared to the predecessor models. The emission of soot particle filters is even reduced by as much as 97 percent. Such values are unique in the forklift truck industry. Thanks to the completely newly developed 2.9l Deutz diesel engine, the RX70-40/50 is the only truck in its class to achieve such levels. The deployed engine makes these values possible, even without use of a soot particle filter. The oxidation catalyst alone is enough to reduce emissions below the limit values.

Besides the low emission values the new truck models have proven to be extremely fuel efficient. Apart from the known fuel efficiency programme Blue-Q and the proven diesel-electric drive system designed in wear free rotary current technology, the new RX70 models have another unique benefit: the intelligent drive technology. After accelerating, the truck electronically shifts up another gear and the engine speed can be reduced by one quarter while keeping up the driving speed.

This future oriented technology reduces fuel consumption and in combination with the optional cruise control ensures relaxed and fuel efficient travel, especially on long distances.

The use of maintenance free and capsulated components, for example, the electric drive components with wear-free, three-phase technology and a wear-free lamella type brake immersed in oil extends the maintenance interval to 1000 hours of operation or 12 months. Easily accessible maintenance points and an integrated diagnostic system that allows  warnings and fault messages to be displayed inside the truck, make finding faults quick and provide high availability at low maintenance costs.

Turnover performance is much more than pure engine power. Power, precision, ergonomics, compact design and safety¦only the optimum interaction of all five aspects ensure maximum turnover performance. The new RX70-40/50 and RX70-60/80 forklift trucks ideally combine the performance of man and machine.

The new STILL forklift truck models are the ideal amendment to any fleet if ‘heavy work’ is on the agenda.