Response to ‘Hard Brexit’ by UKWA CEO

January 25, 2017

On 17th January 2017, the Prime Minister set out her plans for a so-called ‘hard Brexit’. These plans are clearly of the utmost importance to UK plc and in particular, to the logistics industry, which will be impacted by changes to free movement of goods and labour across the EU and potential new regulations on customs and duties.

The role of UKWA as the voice of the industry has never been more significant. We are all in unchartered territory in negotiating the best possible deal as we leave the EU. Government cannot look to civil servants or think tank advisors in this unprecedented situation. Instead, ministers must (and are) consulting directly with business organisations and trade associations like ours for expert guidance and insights from ‘the coal face’, in order to make the critical decisions that will affect our country for generations to come.

UKWA is already in communication with ministers in all relevant government departments; we are feeding in advice and information, sharing views from the membership on infrastructure, training and education, fulfilment regulations and much more.

It is time to engage with your Association, stay abreast of developments that directly affect your business and take advantage of this unique opportunity to shape the future, not only of our industry, but of the UK in a new global landscape.

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