New Functionality for Autostore Crane Control System Reduces Fix Times, Improves Operator Health & Safety, Reduces Energy Consumption and Lowers ASRS Carbon Footprint

November 28, 2013

Central Systems & Automation Ltd optimises warehouse crane automation for efficiency with advanced new safety and eco management tools

Central Systems & Automation Ltd today announced two new software enhancements for its class-leading Autostore Crane Control System, a key element of the Autostore Warehouse Control System (WCS) for managing ASRS operations. Autostore Integrated IP (Internet Protocol) Camera System with an off-board control station enables operators to control cranes manually and remotely, reducing the need for working at height climbs of up to 30 metres. Autostore Crane Control Eco Mode prioritises energy efficiency over cycle times, cutting energy consumption and costs during quiet times or peak tariff periods. Both enhancements are available now as part of Autostore Crane Control System.

Autostore Integrated IP Camera System and off-board control station enables a trained crane operator to run the crane manually from the safety of the warehouse floor in remote manual mode. This enhancement reduces Health and Safety working at height risk, cuts the resolution time for faults that can be fixed remotely, works seamlessly with Autostore WCS and includes full camera and off-board control hardware installation and integration. The system delivers visibility of the crane forks from any computer on the site network, enables operators to check crane status before recovery, enables high bay stock checking without the need for a high climb and delivers fast fault diagnosis.

Autostore Crane Control Eco Mode prioritises energy efficiency over cycle time when moving each respective axis between two given positions to reduce overall crane power consumption. It enables cranes to run at slower speeds during quieter operational periods or high tariff periods: this reduces energy consumption, cuts the overall cost of ownership and lowers the carbon footprint of crane equipment. Eco Mode can be configured to run automatically against pre-set rules when integrated with eco-enabled Autostore WCS or it can be deployed manually.

Andrew McKaig, commercial director at Central Systems & Automation, said: Autostore Crane Control delivers exceptional material flow control in ASRS environments, integrating automation into a single, highly efficient warehouse transport system. The key to successful automation is the software: these two enhancements keep firm downward pressure on operating costs while improving important safety performance, streamlining operations, maximising uptime and reducing energy costs at a time when prices for the latter are rising steeply.