Mixing Expertise with Energy and Vision

January 15, 2013

Roger.resizedUKWA has a strong core of family based companies, and they have always provided a significant percentage of the members of UKWA Management Board. No doubt this is because the historical roots of our association lie with small family firms; and one or two are still trading.

The market place has changed dramatically since 1944, but the significance of family firms remains high for UKWA. To an extent, Directors and other senior members of family firms become involved with UKWA with the full backing of the family and their contribution tends to be seen over a longer period of time than others who are part of a bigger corporation.  It is natural therefore for UKWA to seek embryonic volunteers from this area.

Our search for talent is a continuous process, and hard work. The seed bed for volunteer Board candidates is to be found among the young, busy and eager executives we have in our industry.  Clearly their priorities lie with the business of their companies, but exposure to Board level process and debate within UKWA is seen by some as an interesting and productive part of young executives’ development. We will be approaching companies in the near future in an attempt to identify available talent who could be released to help the association. UKWA has plenty of experienced volunteers available, and a most valuable role they perform. Mixing that expertise with the energy and vision of the younger generation could provide us with a perfect balance of talent.

During the last year, staff at Walter House have engaged with the bulk of the membership either at regional meetings, annual conference, the awards ceremony, at one-to-one visits or by telephone. And we hope that Warehouse– our main communication tool – has been of value to you.

In the December issue of Warehouse you will have read of the death and career of Bernard Howard. His passing is very sad, and our thoughts and prayers are with his family. Bernard was an unusual character. He was direct, passionate, determined, shrewd and successful. He fought red tape and government imcompetence with a tenacity that MP’s and officials ignored at their peril. He was a warrior. Whether the issue was connected with his company, his family, his industry or his country, Bernard was the man to have on your side.

Roger Williams