Manning Impex Chooses Access Deltas Voice Controlled WMS for Greater Traceability and More Effective KPI Reporting

November 28, 2013

Manning Impex, the pioneering importer of top South East Asian food brands into the UK and Ireland, has chosen to implement the Access Delta warehouse management system from Access Group. Traceability, voice controlled WMS, and KPI reporting were required to help improve management decisions and working practices.

André Cheong, managing director of Manning Impex commented, We wanted a totally dedicated WMS solution as our current system doesn’t allow for the in-depth intricacies of a warehouse; we needed a more effective tool for the job which is why we chose Access Delta.

Having accurate information, better traceability, and improved reporting will allow us to review and modify our management techniques and what we do on a day-to-day basis. Access Delta will help us to drive these improvements so the company runs more smoothly.

Manning Impex has chosen a fully-integrated voice system. This means operatives have two hands free at all times so there’s no walking off down the aisle and leaving the scanner behind, said André. By using the right tools across the business we will be able to increase accountability with everyone working more effectively from picker to management.

Traceability is another major factor for Manning Impex. Food is a sensitive item so traceability is very important. Access Delta will automate essential, yet tedious routines, helping to avoid unfortunate scenarios. A well set up system can ‘remember’ where items are, and which batches need to be used first. It can help us be more effective in the picking and packing process.

Access Delta’s visual mapping tool will provide an instant view of resource utilisation with the ability to drill down to individual and task level and make adjustments easily and fast. We will be able to increase the effectiveness of our resource allocation and management, said André, who has 15 staff within the 30,000 sq ft warehousing facility in Surrey.

With Access Delta’s KPI reporting we will be able to see where we are wasting resources so we can reduce workflow steps. We want to make this a happier working environment; we don’t want staff moving boxes for no reason. Access Delta will help highlight problems and mistakes so we can continuously improve.

With a mission to bring leading Asian brands into the UK and Irish markets, Manning Impex and its 50 staff are looking to leverage the tremendous success achieved in the past 27 years: We have grown considerably over the past 18 months despite a less than favourable economic climate. Today we represent 45 brands, many within the top five category brand leaders in their respective countries.

Having introduced South East Asian foods into the mainstream channels there’s an exciting opportunity of gaining further penetration with these brands, flavours and products in the UK and Ireland to give them the level of success they truly deserve. Access Delta will help support us in this drive for growth, concluded André.