Logistex exclusive UK Partner for VanRiet High Capacity Shoe Sorter

January 31, 2014

Leading warehouse solutions integrator Logistex have partnered with VanRiet Material Handling Systems to bring VanRiet’s High Capacity Shoe Sorter to the UK Warehouse & Distribution market.

For over 65 years, VanRiet has been offering its customers intralogistic solutions for the development and construction of automated storage and internal transport systems. Combined with Logistex’s 70 years’ experience in the industry , the two businesses have something truly unique to offer clients.

The VanRiet Shoe Sorters are particularly suited to solutions requiring very high throughput. Thanks to VanRiet’s 30 years of experience with sortation, the VanRiet High Capacity Shoe Sorters are some of the fastest and quietest shoe sorters available on the market, with a maximum speed of 3 metres per second.

The VanRiet High Capacity Shoe Sorter is available in Open and Closed deck versions. The Closed Deck version ensures no dirt and dust will enter the sorting system so maintenance and the chance of damage is minimal.

The High Capacity Shoe Sorters are constructed of standard modular components, but the configuration is designed to your specific handling needs. This means custom-made design as well as cost-efficient investment.

The standardised modular approach, both with regards to mechanics and controls, ensures that the shoe sorter can be integrated effortlessly in your system, new or existing.

Logistex has the industry skills to install sorters as a single addition or as part of a fully integrated automated solution. Once the product is installed Logistex then has the engineering expertise to maintain your equipment and keep it running for years to come. The high quality of this product, together with Logistex’s engineering expertise can guarantee you a good return on investment.