Labour shortage issue brings BBC to UKWA Conference

March 2, 2018

One of the topics likely to receive a considerable amount of ‘air time’ at UKWA National Conference next week – and the story that has sparked the interest of the ‘Beeb’ –  is the increasing shortage of labour, skilled and unskilled, and its impact on our sector.

Figures recently released by the Office for National Statistics show that the number of EU citizens leaving the UK is at its highest level for a decade with 130,000 emigrating in the year to September last year and net EU migration – the difference between arrivals and departures – is, at 90,000, at its lowest level for five years.

UKWA has been working hard to raise awareness of the growing labour shortage problem for some time, and these figures confirm what UKWA members up and down the country have long been telling us: it is becoming much more difficult to recruit the people that the logistics industry needs to maintain the levels of service demanded by the modern online-shopping obsessed consumer.

It is vital that we have the facts and evidence to properly represent the industry so that we can campaign effectively for change from an informed position; I thank the many member companies that continue to help us collect evidence on this and other issues, and extend a warm welcome to the BBC who will be joining us on a fact-finding mission for a current affairs feature on the changing nature of the workforce in the warehouse and logistics industry, which is due to air in the autumn.