Going to China?

February 5, 2013

UKWA members are urged to consider attending the forthcoming International Federation of Warehousing Logistics Associations (IFWLA) conference which takes place from May 8 -12 in Beijing.

The conference will be hostsed by The China Association of Warehouses and Storage (CAWS) and promises to be  a major event for the Chinese logistics sector.

CAWS expect the conference to play a major part in accelerating the modernisation process of Chinese warehousing, stimulate the development of foreign logistics enterprises in China, and promote communication and cooperation between domestic and international logistics companies.

The theme of the Conference is ‘China’s Rapid Development -a Chance for World Logistics Service Providers.’

China has been enjoying a double -digit growth for its national economy, which will maintain a growth rate of around 8 percent in the next five to ten years, while  foreign investment in the Chinese logistics sector is growing at an annual average rate of over 12 per cent, says UKWA’s Roger Williams.

We believe UK logistics  executives will benefit greatly from the chance to meet and discuss business opportunities with colleagues from China.

 At the conference officials from relevant government authorities will discuss the Chinese logistics sector’s development programme and the related policies regarding the evolution of warehousing and logistics in China.