Feeding London 2030: Report into challenges and future of city logistics available now

October 7, 2016

Commissioned by UKWA and delivered by research specialists Global 78, Feeding London 2030 has been hailed by industry leaders and by TfL as a timely and valuable source of data for all stakeholders in the food & beverage and food services supply chain, from producers to logistics services providers, retailers, caterers and many more. Although it considers the rising issues and challenges for London’s food and drink supply chains, it offers wider implications for tackling the future shape of logistics for those serving all our major cities.

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Challenges it examines in detail include:

  • Increasingly congested urban environment.
  • New consumer demands for food and drink.
  • Demand for delivery frequencies, times and volumes.
  • Changing Grocery Retail sector “ including convenience stores and home delivery.
  • Hospitality and Food Service (Catering) sector scale, locations and unique demands.
  • High dependency on vans in delivery vehicle fleets.
  • Maintaining food hygiene and food safety.
  • Handling food waste and other waste streams.

This must-have report looks at how best to share an understanding of the complexities and, crucially, how to develop alternative (smart city) supply chain models. It is essential reading for anyone operating in the city logistics sector and for those responsible for planning cities that work in the future.

Peter Ward, CEO UKWA

This report provides the briefing we need “ it looks at matters from a holistic perspective. Vitally, it does not provide the answers “ those are for us to determine. Rather it shows all of us as stakeholders the critical directions we must take if we are to succeed.

Andrew Morgan, Global 78.

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Feeding London 2030 calls for a properly-informed approach to help all stakeholders to see the bigger picture over a longer horizon. It lists the critical directions for different stakeholder groups, including logistics operators, food and drink businesses, planners and regulators, developers and others, and explores how to unlock better ways of collaborative working based on new internal and external relationships as well as effective application of new technologies.

Half price offer for UKWA members – just £395 vat!