Feeding London 2030: Available to order now

April 14, 2016

Feeding London 2030 is a landmark report, commissioned by UKWA and delivered by respected supply chain research specialists Global 78, with a foreword by Eleanor Winton, Director of KPMG Future Institute.

It pulls together multiple disparate data into a single source of information, providing a comprehensive picture of food supply chains into and around London.

Taking into account the capital’s changing population profile, the emergence of new trends in the way food is bought and consumed, and the challenges of an infrastructure already at capacity, this important research examines current issues, highlights potential pinch points and considers future consequences for all stakeholders across the food chain.

Feeding London 2030 provides a unique insight across London’s food supply chain; in identifying the key challenges and offering a strategic vision, Feeding London 2030 is a must-have guide to protect and future proof your business.

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