AirPouch® Express 3„¢ hits company targets

October 24, 2013

AirPouch® Express 3„¢ Void-fill System has exceeded Automated Packaging Systems’ targets for productivity and quality. The compact tabletop unit wins its stripes for versatility, lower costs and improved productivity.

Pillow fill rate are impressive: the latest AirPouch Express 3 operates at speeds over 15 metres per minute in semi- or fully-automatic modes without a loss in seal quality.  That’s thanks to the way AirPouch manages the flow of material through the system, keeping pillows taut so that material flows more quickly and seals are kept flat to ensure pillows stay inflated.

Efficiency, environmental responsibility and cost-saving are all improved:  beefier pillows means less material is required to fill a void, saving money and cutting down on environmental impact.  AirPouch engineers targeted the seams, identifying that by increasing the size of the fillable pocket, they could reduce the number of inflated pillows required to fill a standard A4 shipping carton.  The fillable pocket in a 200mm AirPouch pillow is 0.5cm wider and 1.5cm taller than its main competitor, which adds up to 36cm2 more inflatable area in every pillow.

Increasing the size of fillable pockets has another less obvious advantage too.  With fewer pillows needed to fill the same area, a carton of unfilled AirPouch material goes a lot further, reducing downtime lost to carton and roll changeovers.

The systems boast significantly easier and quicker pillow separation: Automated Packaging Systems’ EZ-Tear„¢ perforations have a very significant impact on output capacity, reducing the amount of pull effort required to separate pillows by 80%. The result is faster and more efficient packing and less operator stress and strain.

 AirPouch Express 3 is available with a footswitch to keep hands free for packing.  With a growing range of intelligent dispensers, bins and overhead gantry, larger users can manage pillow production centrally and serve multiple packing stations, keeping filled pillows in the system to ensure that packing isn’t halted for material changeovers. 

Pilllows are available in a variety of material types, including the newly-launched GeoTech„¢ oxo-degradable and reprocessed films. 

Visitors to Lab Innovations “ 6-7 November 2013 at the NEC “ can see the AirPouch Express 3 in action on the Automated Packaging Systems Stand A17 or visit