UK Border & Protocol Delivery Group Webinar, Weds 27th Jan 2-4pm

January 22, 2021

Movement of goods through non short straits RoRo locations in Northern Europe

UK Border and Protocol Delivery Group (BPDG) will be presenting a webinar to discuss the border / procedural formalities required for moving goods:

From GB to the EU/From the EU to GB, via non short straits locations to/from the Netherlands and Belgium.

UK experts will be joined by officials from Belgium and the Netherlands.

This event is for:

  • UK & EU exporters / their representatives
  • UK & EU importers / their representatives
  • UK & EU freight forwarders, transporters and logistics companies

Key topics:

  • GB and EU requirements on fulfilling responsibilities for certification, IT systems, customs and transit processes and the border procedures across the supply chain from GB to EU Ports in Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • Consequences and costs of failing to comply with the formalities to import goods into the EU.
  • Moving products of animal origin and products subject to sanitary phytosanitary control.

The webinar will also include a refresher on the case studies for exporting and importing goods.

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