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T H Logistics Consultant

T H Logistics Consultant

We provide consulting services to help businesses solve a variety of different challenges in their logistics operations. Typically, these problems can include:

  • Insufficient storage capacity - alternative storage and handling equipment will be considered.
  • Warehouse lease due to expire – should the client stay or relocate, and if they relocate where should they go and what size of facility will be needed?
  • Warehouse processes including picking performance need to be reviewed.
  • There is a desire to invest in new technology or automation to address problems with capacity or labour shortages – how should the client move forward?
  • The Warehouse Management System (WMS) needs evaluating, or a replacement needs to be specified or implemented.
  • Environmental policies and new initiatives need to be considered.

Tony and his team are all experts with extensive experience who, working with your team, can quickly deliver the results you need for both small and large projects.

Please call for a no obligation chat, Tony will be happy to give advice and help you decide how best to move forward. We can of course meet online or visit your site to discuss your project.

Each proposal we submit will include a detailed scope definition and a project plan. Project status will be reported at each of the project milestones. A warehouse assessment and review of alternative options can in many instances only need 10 days of our support. This makes our projects quick to deliver and cost effective for our clients. Please read our customer reviews or check out our blogs about the latest application of innovation.

Whatever the objectives of your project, rest assured we will deliver the best outcome for you and the needs of your business.

Call Tony +44 7960 213193
Or email: tony@thlogisticsconsultant.com


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