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Rexville Solutions Ltd

Rexville Solutions Ltd

Through our rich overseas background knowledge and professional practical experience, we provide many cross-border e-commerce companies with services including warehousing, one-off delivery, FBA forwarding, return processing, label exchange, customs clearance and other exclusive customized services. We also provide exclusive services and diversified solutions to our customers according to their specific needs.

RS offers its customers first-class warehouse management, state-of-the-art equipment and technology and delivery services on a global scale. RS has 7 fully functional warehousing and distribution centres (total size over 70,000 m2) in the UK and Germany, with advanced warehouse management systems, integrated shelving areas, well-equipped working environments and professional and efficient operational processes. We offer a full range of products in all sizes for our customers.

RS can provide a variety of integrated customs clearance solutions (including import, export, transit, etc.) for different types of customers (e.g. B2B, B2C, FBA, etc.) to create an integrated service. RS has two sister customs clearance companies in the UK and Belgium, which can provide our customers with the best customs clearance services in the whole Europe.


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