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Here at Repleo we can offer everything from basic container unload and pallet storage, all the way through to full B2C and B2C pick/pack fulfilment. We have a large packing room and a dedicated area for Value Added Services (VAS), such as labelling, repackaging, bagging, rebranding and product testing.

Pre COVID, we were the distribution hub for major gift brand Wild & Wolf, for 13 years – servicing over 100 orders per day and shipping over £15 million wholesale value per year. During this time, we also completed a huge amount of VAS and dealt with all the major retail players, such as John Lewis, Tesco, Sainsburys, TK Maxx, ASDA, House of Fraser and more.

Over our 2 sites, we can offer over 5,000 racked pallet spaces as well as ground storage for larger, bulkier items. Whatever it is, we can store it. We can offer a variety of unloading and loading solutions, whether it’s palletised product, loose loaded boxes or otherwise. We have container ramps, docking bays and forklift trucks readily available.


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