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Premium Warehousing Limited

Premium Warehousing Limited

From our warehouse, Premium can offer a wide range of services from full pallet to multiple pick service. We offer a full stock rotation should it be required and every week all customers receive a weekly stock report. Premium also offers the 'Locate It' facility which can enable customers to check their own stock on line.

With our large range of mechanical handling equipment, we can move most types of goods in a careful and correct way. We can undertake all types of work from loading and unloading of containers through to picking, the reworking of goods, quality checks and any other requirements that our customers may want.

  • 300,000 sq ft building with computer managed locations
  • Container loading/unloading services
  • Handling equipment up to 5000kg
  • Reworking and picking services
  • Approved HMRC Bonded Warehouse, licensed to store beers wines and spirits.


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Sywell, Northampton NN6 0BN, UK
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