Pantos Logistics (Uk) Limited

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Pantos Logistics (Uk) Limited

Pantos Logistics (Uk) Limited

LX Pantos is a leading logistics service provider in the global market.

In our business, customer satisfaction comes before anything else. We are relentless in our efforts to provide the optimal service that every customer requires.

Since 1977, LX Pantos has consistently worked hard to broaden its markets overseas, while seamlessly dealing with the challenges of different customs, languages and cultures. More than 9,000 logistics experts at LX Pantos are passionately working towards ever-greater service innovation for customers at our 360 networks across the globe.

Today, LX Pantos commands Korea’s undisputed leadership in the global logistics industry, handling more than 1.53 million TEU of ocean cargo and 120,000 tons of air cargo annually.


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Pantos Logistics, 776 Buckingham Ave, Slough, UK
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