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Olympus Power

Olympus helps large commercial businesses to decarbonise their energy mix and ultimately to become energy producers unlocking additional revenue streams; we provide long-term energy cost reductions by designing a bespoke combination of renewable energy assets for each business.

Olympus Power is known for its flexible solutions: we design, install and manage commercial-scale systems that include solar, battery storage, EV fleet charging, wind turbines and other technologies as appropriate.

We believe the future of energy generation is flexible, decentralised and renewable. Roof-mounted solar is an excellent choice for warehouses, powering your growth using resources already available.

Partnered with Triodos Bank, we have the financial resources to provide your business with unique solutions. We will provide your commercial decision-making teams with options for Power Purchase Agreements, offsetting capital expenditure and ensuring fixed prices for energy at significantly lower cost. Contact Olympus Power today and join the energy revolution.


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