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Increff Limited

Increff is a retail technology company that enables brands and retailers to optimize their inventory across retail and online stores, marketplaces, and wholesale channels.

Increff solutions allow omnichannel brands to automate inventory management, enable distributed warehousing, and achieve 100% inventory accuracy for faster order fulfilment. Additionally, our end-to-end merchandising solution provides pre-season and in-season merchandising support and helps with markdown decisions, leading to sustainable and profitable business growth. Increff WMS provides a single view of inventory across all marketplaces and a seamless order inventory sync in less than 30 sec.

We cater to 10+ retail verticals, including apparel, footwear, eyewear, home furnishing, cosmetics & skincare, electronics, agriculture, and healthcare, among others, and have 200+ global customers, including leading brands like Puma, Amazon, and Sephora. With a team of 300+ professionals, including merchandising experts and over 100 tech experts, we recently raised $12 million in series B funding and expanded our presence globally with offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Dubai, India, and Singapore.


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