IFS Global Logistics ‘Vendorvillage’

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IFS Global Logistics ‘Vendorvillage’

IFS Global Logistics ‘Vendorvillage’

The company founded itself on providing exacting transportation solutions to customers based in Ireland and soon further afield to America, Canada and the Far East. The main core activity was the movement of traffic globally to manufacturing bases and then the movement of finished product to international markets.

This core business has developed the company's strength in purchasing power with the main airlines, British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa and the Irish National Carrier Aer Lingus.

The concept facilitates all aspects of the business and enables flexibility where necessary for price and, above all, reliable service. IFS have a full track and trace facility and global multinational representation to over 1000 offices world-wide in over 140 countries. IFS are not only the number one IATA agent in Northern Ireland but have also received the Queen's Award for Enterprise; this prestigious award has only ever recognised 2 companies including IFS in the transport service industry.


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