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GMR Safety is leader in the design and manufacturing of wheel-based vehicle restraint systems for all types of vehicles operating in logistics warehouses. Our objective: to protect loading dock workers.

POWERCHOCK™, our wheel chocking system, has been the proven solution for over 25 years and is trusted around the world to secure trailers during loading dock operations. POWERCHOCK™ uses a patented concept: a combination of a wheel chock and a restraining plate anchored to the ground, in order to immobilize the wheel – one of the vehicle's strongest components.

The POWERCHOCK™ series prevent dangerous trailer creep and premature driveaway, two of the most common and most serious causes of major accidents in the warehousing and logistics sectors.

As proof of their robustness, all truck and trailer restraint systems are covered by GMR Safety with a 5-year warranty that is unique on the market.

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