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George Allinson Transport Ltd

George Allinson Transport Ltd

Allinson Transport has extensive warehousing facilities, comprising of 250,000 square feet of space. Designed to be highly flexible to customer needs, this space can be tailored to fit your product and order fulfilment requirements, with hi-cube racking and cutting-edge inventory management systems.

Our warehouse management system offers real-time inventory and can equip products with barcodes, product codes and dates received. We can track weights, orders, quantities and break the data down into three levels – pallet, carton or item – so you can see exactly what stock you hold and what you have sold.

Our inventory system can be viewed online, giving you full visibility of your stock, with product codes and descriptions, quantities, batch numbers and rotation dates.

Our system is well suited to the challenges of the burgeoning e-retail world, allowing online retailers to fulfil orders without ever needing to physically handle the product.



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George Allinson Transport Ltd, Darlington, UK
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