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E-Warehousing Limited

E-Warehousing Limited

We provide a comprehensive range of fulfilment, warehousing and distribution services for start-ups through to international organisations. From storing, packing and sending online orders for your business through to flexible pallet, crate and loose bulk storage and distribution – we have a proven track record of delivering.

We operate two purpose-built facilities that provide approximately 300,000 sq.ft of clean, dry and secure storage space. Our flexible 24/7 cost-effective warehouse and distribution operations are utilised by our clients for short term and long term pallet storage and distribution for businesses.

One a daily basis we receive and despatch goods and products for a wide range of clients from and to the whole of the UK. Some use our storage for just a few days whilst others commit to long term (Deep) storage.

We are able to adapt to the needs and requirements of each and every client. Our warehouse is used by some clients as a distribution centre for third and fourth party logistics operations. We have also provided a fifth party logistics base.


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