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Commodity Centre UK Limited

Commodity Centre UK Limited

Commodity Centre Group is a market leader in its chosen sector providing specialist logistics solutions.
We have been operating for over 30 years, managing commodity supply chains and have unrivalled expertise in food products such as coffee, cocoa, tea, sugar, fruit, nuts, flour and many other foodstuffs and food ingredients.

• We are commodity specialists with extensive knowledge of complex supply chains from origin to factory
• Multiple sites in the UK inland and port centric and also in Antwerp and Amsterdam ports
• Highly accredited warehouse operations certified by ICE, BRC AA rated, DEFRA approved and HMRC bonded
• Experts in import, export and general freight forwarding
• We have a strong focus on sustainability, innovation and environmentally friendly solutions and being C02 neutral certified
• Fully integrated Warehouse Management System complete with live data dashboards, EDI and customer portal access.


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