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CMLF&L (Telford) Ltd

CMLF&L (Telford) Ltd

CML's BRC-accredited warehouse is strategically located in Telford, giving efficient connectivity to key collection and delivery locations. Due to the rapid rate of growth experienced by CML, we are undergoing yet another major warehouse expansion programme. We currently have 225,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, with 18 dock-levellers.

55,000 sq. ft. of ambient space, corresponding to approximately 3,000 pallet spaces.
170,000 sq. ft. of chilled space, which provides around 15,000 pallet spaces, in addition to considerable marshalling areas.

CML’s warehousing facilities have been designed with the varied needs of our customers in mind. We offer multi-user flexibility, which provides customers with the most efficient and cost effective service. What’s more, our modern warehouse is fully secure thanks to the installation of security cameras and electronic access points.

CML’s warehouse also has the latest technology when it comes to the scanning of all goods that come into our care, allowing full traceability of goods from receipt to delivery. Our state of the art system allows customers to enjoy remote access via a web interface, where they have visibility of key metrics such as stock levels, order processing and deliveries made.

Pallet or case picking can also be carried out at our warehouse, along with any reworking or ad-hoc projects that may be required by customers. For instance, we are able to carry out product labelling and re-packaging.

CML is able to offer long or short term storage solutions at very competitive rates, which enables customers to become more flexible and competitive.


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CML Fulfilment, Halesfield 10, Telford, UK
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