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Cirro Fulfilment

Cirro Fulfilment

CIRRO Fulfilment, a leading e-commerce fulfilment service provider, offers comprehensive, high-standard, customized supply chain solutions focusing on warehouse and international logistics services. Their services cover various industries, including fashion, furniture, electronics, etc., and are customizable to meet unique needs, such as high-value goods and food fulfilment. They offer multi-platform coverage and integrate with major e-commerce platforms for real-time tracking synchronization.

With an extensive last-mile network and intelligent AMR warehouses, CIRRO Fulfilment ensures efficient operations and high accuracy in handling orders. Over 4,000 active clients use their fulfilment service across more than 80 centres.

1. 3PL fulfilment
2. E-Commerce fulfilment
3. Subscription Box
4. Value-added services
5. Distribution services
6. Customized solutions
7. FBA Prep services
8. Seller Fulfilled Prime
9. Domestic and international shipping


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